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The tension between the strength of the ceramic material and the fineness of the items created with it, is the basis of the jewelry and artwork of SAGART. SAGART combines inspiration figures of ancient eras with the world of matter. The jewelry and artwork of the SAGART brand are formed in a meticulous and delicate creation process.


The jewelry and artwork are all handmade. The porcelain and ceramic materials are processed via various techniques. The meticulous design and creation process includes manual tinting of the ceramics with various colors and fire, glazing and glazing coating with 12 karat gold. These manual techniques imbue each and every piece of art which leaves the kiln with its own unique appearance.

The Collections 

SAGART derives the names and inspiration for each collection from the stories of historical and mythological female figures from ancient Middle Eastern civilizations.  

The various items of the collection are presented in a natural color range of black, white, earth color and gold. 

The Artist

Lian Idan Saga, artist and architect.

Lian’s first encounter with ceramics was in 2012. From then to the present, through intuitive experimentation, she has defined her love of this material with her own distinct imprint, which integrates the deep rooted connection to the material and the craft together with an innovative and graphically perspective.  


Lian is an architecture graduate from the Bezalel academy of arts and design. During her studies she completed a student exchange program in Istanbul. Lian is also an urban planning graduate (master’s degree) with an emphasis on community involvement. Side by side with these occupations, she has been artistically active since her youth.


Born in 1981 in Kfar Saba. Currently lives and creates in Jaffa.

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